National Electronics Museum

D-Day Commemoration

The Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum is operating as W2W for our annual D-Day Commemoration.

Certificate or QSL available. Scroll  down for QSL info.

The photo above shows the SCR-399 Communications van on exhibit at the National Electronics Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.
Similar equipment, manufactured by Hallicrafters, a prominent supplier of amateur radio gear before and after the war,
provided vital communications links during the invasion. Read more here.

QSL via:

PO Box 1693 MS 4015
Baltimore, MD 21203

Large unfolded Certificate & QSL - send $1 or large SASE
Folded Certificate & QSL - send one 1st class stamp or #10 SASE
QSL only - send one 1st class stamp or small SASE
DX - For certificate - QSL direct K3NEM please include $2 or 1 IRC
;  For QSL only - direct or buro